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You receive inspiration and direct thought from your higher self / source / guides / angels every single day. Learn to distinguish between the transmission and receiving of thought and you will notice this higher communication has always been with you. It is often missed because it comes to us in our own ‘voice’… blends right in.

If you take a moment to distinguish the difference between transmission and receiving, you can feel that most of your thought is transmission… an ongoing, outpouring in reaction to current circumstances, the replay of recent events, and the desire for change. Incoming thought is less frequent. It is clear, simple and often provides solutions to problems you’ve recently been pondering.

Try offering less thought… as the mind quiets, incoming thought will stand out more.




I’ve been meditating. Everyday. Several times a day. And I can feel the momentum building… a momentum of presence.

And I have been reading, although reading so often leaves me wanting.

After hundreds and hundreds of pages on Indian Yogis and the proper scientific practice of meditation and yoga, I came upon something really powerful. Simple and powerful. And humorous. Hundreds of pages describing complex techniques, intense discipline, practiced to perfection… it all felt silly and unnecessary to me, like patting the head while rubbing the belly. And then came the chapter on Samyama.

The emotion that came as I read the first few paragraphs on Samyama were so powerful I had to put the book down and just cry and cry and laugh. No exaggeration, it felt like I had discovered what I had been searching for my entire life. Here it was and it was so simple! And something I already knew! (Of course!)

I’m going to sum up Samyama in my own words, because in going back and re-reading the original text, my overwhelming sense it that it can be so much simpler than described there.

It starts with the basic stillness found in meditation. You do not need years and years of meditative practice, or even hours and hours. Once you’ve found that calm silence (could be your first time) Samyama can be utilized.

From that state of calm silence, gently pick up a word that represents your desire. Just one word that represents a powerful intention. Let’s start with Love. You are in silence, you pick up the word Love, hold it just long enough to feel it and then let it go, go back into silence. Stay in the silence for a bit (maybe 10-15 seconds). Pick up the word Love again, hold it until you feel it, let it go back into the silence. Repeat as many times as you like and then move onto another intention.

That’s it. Easy.

The three words I prefer to use are Love, Unity, and Radiance. Because to me, it kind of emphasizes the very process of Samyama. In reaching for silence, love appears. With love comes unity or communion with All That Is. Radiance broadcasts that ‘One Love’ back out to the boundaries of the Universe. And as a result, my life becomes the physical manifestation of all of that!

You can use any word representing any desire or intention you hold. There are no rules and you need not worry because you cannot have a bad intention. No matter what you throw into the silence, only goodness comes bouncing back. You can’t get it wrong! One important point… don’t expect some miraculous happening during your meditation as a result of Samyama (voices, epiphany, visions, etc.)… look for the the effects in your daily life.

Try it… you’ll like it!

Next post, I’ll talk about how this super simple picking up and letting go is used outside of meditation.

Oblivio essevet, over and over in my mind as I get out of bed this morning, not realizing right away that it’s from The Nines, one of my favourite movies. As I wonder about it, my dream starts coming back to me…

…my sister and I are in a busy public square in Toronto. Richard Gere walks by us with a wet handkerchief draped over his head, which I find quite odd. He is leaning into a conversation with a young woman as he walks along and I get the sense she is giving him acting direction for a scene they are in the midst of filming. That he is acting gives context to the handkerchief, in a way.

The thought occurs to me and I voice it to my sister, ‘Hey, wouldn’t it be funny if all these people were acting?’ She looks up and yells, ‘CUT!‘ in an attempt to be humorous… when everyone in the square stops what they are doing, break character and look at her. They were only acting. And we were the only ones unaware!

Oblivio essevet… oblivion sets in.

In The Nines, Ryan Reynolds plays three different characters in three separate but overlapping stories… an actor, a television writer, and a video game designer.

In one scene, the writer is behind two-way mirror observing a test audience as they watch his latest production. A man stares directly at him through the glass, ignoring the screening, and Reynolds is perplexed. How could the man be looking at him, he shouldn’t be able to see him? But then the man charges towards the glass and yells, ” The show’s not real! Why can’t you just see that? Jesus! What are you fucking blind? You think you’re above this, don’t you? You are trapped here with the rest of them brother! Get out! Get out! Oblivio essevet!”

Sounds a bit doom and gloomy, but really just a tactic used by a handful of characters throughout the movie attempting to wake him up, reminding him that he is the creator of it all.

My dream, a reminder. Or, a confirmation, more like. I love it!

A great movie, by the way. You should check it out.

Though I didn’t make it through this book the first time round at age 12, Seth’s teachings were the ‘religion’ of my childhood. During a trip home last week, my mother gave me her copy of Seth Speaks… the very copy I’d attempted to read at least 24 years ago. Since then (last week, I mean), I’ve allowed myself all sorts of altered states and expansion of consciousness. The Seth material, for lack of better words, is ‘weirdy’… propels me into ‘weirdy’ states.

But this post is not really about what Seth said. It’s about what I want to say. Because after finishing Seth Speaks, I moved on to The Nature of Personal Reality and The Nature of the Psyche… and was left wanting. I realized in the midst of my Seth indulgence, that I was counting on Seth to say what I wanted to hear… but they never really did. They’d inch up to it, but never quite get there.  I’ve felt this way with just about every other book I’ve read about the nature or reality.

What it boils down to is this… I have been waiting for some other more knowing being to give me permission to experience life in the way I know is possible. It’s like, if Seth said exactly what I wanted to hear, I’d then be free to really let go and create. Because then everything I suspect is true would be validated and I could go ahead and live it.

So this is what I’ve come to… I’ve got to write it. I’ve got to write what I suspect is true, so I can see it written and give myself permission to live it. I’ll call it redsparklegirl Speaks.


January 1, 2012!!!…(unedited, uninhibited writing from my personal journal)

Gotta capture my thoughts! Reading Steve Jobs’ biography is having a profound effect on me… helping get my thoughts in order.

The Jobs highlights:

Reality distortion field

Think different

Thought like grooves worn in a record, need to create new pathways for innovation to happen

Creating something new, something never seen before, revolutionary

The Bashar highlights:

Parallel realities and shifting

Expanding faster than the speed of light

Continuity is an illusion, not necessary

Realizing you do not need tools or techniques, just decision

Been irritated for some time about how ‘wrong’ everyone’s got it, how wrong they are all to get caught up in all the stuff that came before. It’s like they can’t see themselves or their thoughts or their future without looking through a lens of the past. Everything is filtered through that old stuff that just doesn’t need to be a factor. And it’s keeping them from seeing something new, a new way. They are all reaching for some ultimate truth, striving to see the path, their purpose, etc. and don’t realize it is completely up to them. Going to sleep last night, it occurred to me that I have to stop looking at all their stuff and declaring it wrong. Stop spending energy even looking in that direction. Instead, I need to look at what ‘IT’ is, rather than what it is not. I know what it isn’t… so what IS it?

Walking my dog through the woods this New Years morning and texting with Amy, trying unsuccessfully to communicate my notion that there is and can be a new way of thinking, a revolutionary new way that makes everything we’ve ever thought completely inapplicable anymore. She was resistant and defensive. I kept thinking it was because I could not properly articulate what I’m trying to say, can’t articulate what IT is. I kept thinking that at some point the answer would be revealed to me, that I would be ‘shown the way’ and then I’ll know how to talk about it… but then I realized!!! That is the old way of thinking! Thinking that there is a way to be shown! There isn’t! It is our design. We create the way and it doesn’t have to relate to anything that has ever been before, anywhere, ever.

And I decided, just like I need to stop looking at what IT is not, I need to stop saying that I can’t articulate it. Now is the time to define it, to articulate it, to bring it into being through my imagination and decision. My choices, my preferences.

So… what IS it? It is a new way of thinking. A new way of thinking. What does that mean? It means, instead of searching for meaning (as Amy declared I was doing!), defining it myself. It means understanding what limitless means, realizing there are no rules. It is applying the process of innovation and invention to thought itself! Redefining what thought is and how it works for us. Seeing that thought doesn’t have to work the same way it always has, but create a new framework for thought, for creation, for experience.

K… that’s all, for now. More definition to come…

I’ve recently heard a new take on imagination… you may find this concept as potent as I do.

Imagination does not originate in the human mind, but is communication from the higher mind (inner being/higher self/universe… however you define that broader perspective).

The higher mind is communicating the version of reality you prefer, but you are only capable of receiving the message within the framework of your current understanding… so your human mind generates images like the car, or the lover, or the adventure you seek… because it is, in a sense, as close to the true potential you are currently able to conceive. That’s why, when it manifests, it’s so much better than we imagined.

Once you are able to imagine something, it has already begun manifesting… you’ve attracted the imagery from your higher mind, the beginning stage of receiving. You’re not ‘putting it out there’ for the universe to respond to, you are receiving what the universe is already in the process of delivering to you.

Unless you change your mind, of course! Make sense?

In my meditation last night, I shifted into a new level of consciousness that was extremely familiar to me though I hadn’t experienced it since I was a young child. I recognized it immediately and was brought back to my 3 year old self, much like a song can bring you back to a time and place. The emotion of nostalgia washed over me as I remembered ‘I used to do this all the time!’

The best way I can think of to describe this ‘altered state’ is that it was like the opposite motion of those ‘magic eye’ images. You know those patterned images that, when you soften your focus, the illusion of a 3D form emerges? What I experienced was like the opposite of that… 3rd dimensional reality (and 4th, I guess) collapsed into a flat, immediate, constant. Best I can describe it.

It felt a bit like putting your face up against a wall, opening your eyes and taking in the immediacy of the thing you are trying to perceive… right there, up in your face. Except it was the whole world, all of existence… right there, immediate. And then I kinda of became that ‘wall’ of existence I was perceiving. At first it was just incredibly close. And then I was it.

I was right there, being beingness, and still thoughts were flowing… ‘this is it, this is it, here it is, this is it’. And I had this sense that I could reach beyond it… that this was just the cusp of a new perception (or maybe an old familiar knowing?).

The experience felt like a 15 minute meditation but when I looked at the clock, an hour and a half had passed.


A nod to all the interesting birdie encounters I’ve been having lately…