I’ve been hesitant to post this for months now, but here goes…

In early October, I was asleep in my bed when I awoke in the middle of the night. I was laying on my back, my husband beside me to my right. Suddenly, my right arm raised up in the air, reached over my husband and started making these strange gestures. Thing was, I was not the one moving my hand! It wasn’t me! I was watching it happen, but I was not doing it. It was like my hand was possessed and moving of its own free will, like it was casting a spell on him!

After a few moments, my arm went back to rest at my side. But then my left arm raised up. My hand moved to just above my abdomen and started to gesture and swirl. The weirdest thing about it was that I had no reaction… I just watched it happening and when it stopped, I rolled over and went back to sleep like nothing happened.

As I rolled over to sleep, the name Gabriel popped into my head.

The next morning, I’d forgotten all about it. Something I saw online reminded me, so I googled ‘Gabriel’. Many of you may know this already (I didn’t), Gabriel is the Archangel that appeared to Mary, foretelling the birth of Jesus.

I had had 2 dreams of pregnancy and a possible allusion to ‘baby’ in a recent psychic reading, but was in denial that I could actually be pregnant… reason being, I’d been trying for 8 years unsuccessfully and had given up believing it could be. I hadn’t used birth control of any kind in 13 years and not one pregnancy! I really truly believed I could not get pregnant. So when the dreams came, I dismissed them.

But when Gabriel came, possessed my hands and made strange magical gestures over my husband and myself, I decided it was time to do a home pregnancy test. It was positive and today I am 18 weeks pregnant with a girl. I am often still in disbelief about it.

Let me make this clear, though, I am not a religious person and I am in NO WAY implying that this baby has anything to do with Jesus. I have been communicating more and more often with spirit in the past months, but the use of religious symbolism really surprised me. I do feel this pregnancy is a miracle though. 🙂

Here she is at 11 weeks along. Until I saw her on the monitor, I was convinced I was making it all up!