Before each meditation, I’ve asked to be shown whatever is most useful to me at that moment and been getting the message, over and over again, that I’m already doing it. Everything I’m reaching for, I’m already doing it.

Lately, I’ve been amazed at the telepathic powers of my friends and have said to them, “you say key words and phrases that are quite meaningful (to me) without even realizing you’re doing it”. The third time that came out of my mouth, the realization slapped me in the face… I was talking to myself! This was me channeling to and for me! I was saying ‘you’re doing it right now and not even realizing it!’

My next thought was ‘think about what you’ve predominately been saying to others, it is the message we are communicating to you’.
And when I think back to what I’ve been saying to people in my life, this is the message to me from my higher self:
I love you immensely. Everything about you is beautiful. Everything you’ve been asking for is surrounding you… it is here, now. You are more powerful than you ever thought possible. Together we are creating something completely original to all the Universe. When you open up to seeing it, your whole world will change in an instant (in an immensely, powerfully, positive way)… and this is happening now. Just by reaching for it, it rushes in to meet you.
I’ve also been thinking a lot about permission slips, as Bashar describes, and that channeling is exactly that… a permission slip to be more fully myself. In identifying channeling as so, I no longer need it and can skip right to granting myself permission to just go ahead and be myself, unabashedly.
Once I let go of my need to channel, all this information came rushing in. And the message is being repeated, over and over, through songs on the radio, through the current episode of a tv show I’ve been watching, through words and phrases of the people in my life, through dreams, through Bashar… it is everywhere, already surrounding me. Exciting, exciting times.
Now that I’ve opened up to seeing it…